65˚ North

7 Things to do in and around Oulu (in the summer)

  1. Visit the historic market square, where you can buy local crafts and produce. Greet the friendly Toripoliisi statue.

2. Do as the locals do and get on your bike. The cycle paths are excellent and there are many mini beaches along the river (check out the floating sauna too).

3. Visit Nallikari beach with its white sand and shallow waters.


4. Pop into (at least) one of the many cafes around town. Finns love their coffee, drinking on average six cups a day.

5. Go to the outdoor museum on Turkansaari to see a bit of local history.

6. Further afield, there are a variety of nature trails worth exploring, such as the stunning 7km Pilpasuo trail…

… and some short trails at the beautiful Koitelinkosket rapids.

7. About an hour and a half’s bus journey away (including ferry crossing), the island of Hailuoto has a unique atmosphere, especially in the middle of the night at summer solstice.



5 thoughts on “65˚ North

  1. Thank You. Great presentation of Oulu and its surroundings. We have our vacation home in Oulu and that is why, I appreciate Your post. Yesterday we made a walk on Hupisaari area, which is beautiful nature area with dozens of small beautiful bridges. Because You visited to Oulu in summer, I want to show to You how this town is looking like in winter, same places which You visited.

    The beach of Nallikari in winter.

    Arctic beach of Nallikari.

    Reindeer driving contest in the centre of Oulu.

    Reindeer driving competition

    Happy and safe travels!


      1. Thanks for the link – it is great for me to see how different it is in winter! Niina has family in Oulu (we stayed for 2.5 weeks this time!) but I have only visited in spring and summer so far. Terveisin, Roger.

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