Welcome to the Jungle (Yoga)

From Masaya, we journeyed to the travellers’ and surfers’ hub of San Juan del Sur in the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

Admiration for Augusto Sandino is evident here.

One of the goals of our trip this time is to get out of our comfort zone – this we did in more ways than one in a little place in the countryside about 5km out of San Juan. Sleeping in named tents surrounded by nature, learning to look out for scorpions and mean hordes of ants…

… eating simple vegan food, with a brief blessing before each meal…

… we were encouraged to walk barefoot at all times, to embrace yoga as a lifestyle rather than just a physical exercise, and to make ourselves into a project. So we began our journey deeper into the world of yoga…

We learned to be fully aware of our bodies and improve our practice. Along with our American-Bermudan-British-Finnish-Italian-Nicaraguan-Swedish-Swiss community, we explored different meditation practices, laughed, danced in the rain, drew, wove dream catchers, held a full moon ceremony, shared the joy of lindy hop, and found out that according to Mayan calendar, both of our future energies will come into force in the next few years. What before was alien, became ordinary.

We would often be joined in all activities by Sunshine, Daisy and Rainbow…

… be routinely woken up by howler monkeys, and occasionally visited by sloths.

In our free time, we would go for walks in the surrounding countryside…

… and climb to a nearby hill for stunning sunsets.

On Sundays, we would walk to town to Eat Other Foods and visit local sights…

… make new friends on the beach, just hang out, or catch a shuttle to one of the many surfing beaches…

We learned a great deal in the three weeks at the jungle yoga camp, including an appreciation for basic modern living conditions. The experience also inspired us to keep being curious and opened some new deeper paths into the world of yoga for us.



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