Livingston – the Caribbean Side of Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the countries we have looked forward to travelling in the most, and our first stop, Livingston, did not disappoint.


A tiny, relaxed town on the Caribbean coast, Livingston is only accessible by boat. We travelled overland to Puerto Barrios and took a lancha from there. The town itself can easily be navigated on foot.


Like Corn Islands in Nicaragua, Livingston is distinct from the rest of the country due to being home to the Garifuna culture and language. Descendants of African slaves and the native Caribs, the Garifuna still preserve unique traditions, with their drum music and dance showing a strong African influence.


We spent a couple of pleasant days in town, watching the boats and the birds…


… before boarding a small boat that took us along the river, to a jungle retreat…


… where we slept in a rustic, solar powered bungalow and had saunas followed by a jump in the river. Just like home (well, almost).

There are many riverside destinations suitable for independent day trips on kayaks; we opted for an easy, half hour paddle to nearby natural hot springs.

At night, we would relax in the hammocks with some cocktails before a family-style dinner with the other guests. Blissful.

Alas, eventually it was time to move on due to visa restrictions. At the immigration in Livingston, we were relieved to observe that fire arms were not welcome. A final street food breakfast of tortilla, refried beans, cabbage and hot sauce later, we were ready for the short hop by water to our next destination, Belize…


6 thoughts on “Livingston – the Caribbean Side of Guatemala

      1. LOL! We’re looking to you! Only been to Xunatunich so far and watching (enviously) others write about how they are getting to the Mayan sites. Tikal? Its not one that is usually offered on tours! Wow


      2. Haha, we’ll keep you updated. Tikal is a a bit of a mission to get to, but I’m sure it will be well worth it. Would love to learn more about the Mayans in general, the next three months we aim to spend in Guatemala should help!

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