Campeche & Mérida

We arrived in Campeche – our first taste of the Gulf of Mexico coastline – from Palenque to find further clear skies and intense heat. At least there was a hint of a fresh breeze coming off the sea.


The town has a long, broad promenade (known as the malecón) along the seafront, complete with cycle lanes and even an outdoor gym.


The historic centre is packed with many fine examples of colonial architecture, well preserved and impeccably clean. Campeche achieved the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 due to this.




Several statues representing the activities of fishermen are dotted along the baluartes – walls and fortifications which in the past protected the town from pirates and buccaneers.

Arts appear well-supported here, with several galleries, artsy cafes and dance studios all within easy walking distance from the main square.

In fact, even our lovely Airbnb lodging in the town was part of an art studio! Airbnb was also responsible for the wonderful spot we found to stay in our next stop, the Yucatán state capital, Mérida.

Although not as prevalent as in Campeche, the city is still not short of impressive colonial architecture…


… one such example being the Anthropology and History Museum, which is not only superbly presented on the outside, but provides some fascinating insights into Mayan history in the inside as well.


We found the art theme also continues in Mérida. Frida Kahlo’s image has popped up regularly throughout our time in Mexico and we’re still a long way from her native Mexico City.


Plant-based dining-out options are generally limited in this part of the world, but they can still be found with a little persistence. And much resulting joy!

The VW Beetle theme is another aspect that hasn’t diminished since we first noticed it on crossing the border. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on further developments…


2 thoughts on “Campeche & Mérida

  1. I went to the Yucatan peninsula last August and fall in love for the region, the people, the food and the colours are stunning and has such a rich and interesting history. Really enjoyed reading your post, sounds that you also had lots of fun 🙂 Ana xx


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